The aim of the program

The aim of the educational program corresponds with Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University Mission; it is focused on the employment market and is set up as following paragraphs:

  • Preparation of competent managers, marketing and financial management specialists, who will be able to carry out activities with modern technologies and methods in the business and economy of industrial and service sectors in both private and public sectors, governmental and non-governmental structures;
  • Support mobility of students in Georgian Universities and abroad;
  • Prepare them for post graduate studies.

Educational Program Study Outcomes

Educational Program should provide the development of general and sectoral competences for the business sector. Specifically, after completing the academic program, the Bachelor student should have specific competences in the specialty modules defined by the program structure, in accordance with one of the specialties chosen by him.

Qualification to be granted

After obtaining the number of credits established by the educational program and submitting a certificate confirming the level of English language knowledge, the graduate are granted one of the qualifications selected by him:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing;
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management;
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance;

The graduate is granted a diploma in a form established by the state, the graduate is
also granted bilingual diploma supplement, established by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNERCO / CEPES.

Business Administration Specialty Modules: