Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University Volume of scientific works

Scientific Proceedings of Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University are a multi branch journal covers economic, social and humanitarian and law sciences. Professors of other HEI as well as foreign authors can cooperate with our scientific journal.

The purpose of the journal is to foster scientific research development in different scientific fields mentioned above, support the introduction of the innovations, our participation in the development of these fields. It will also support the involvement of the young specialists, raise their scientific potential.

The editorial board of the journal consists of well-known Georgian and foreign scientists, highly qualified specialists. Participation of the foreign authors will support the exchange scientific product between Georgian and foreign scientists that will make it possible to carry out joint scientific projects.

In order to enhance international cooperation, the journal presents and reviews the conclusions and recommendations, the research results carried out by the international organizations acting in Georgia.

Guidelines for Preparation a Paper for Publication in Volume of Scientific Works

Paper style and format

  • The paper should be submitted either in Georgian or English in form of soft copy as well as in form of hard copy;
  • The paper should be accompanied by an abstract (not more than 1000 symbols) in Georgian and in English languages;
  • File format should be Microsoft Word; Font _Times New Roman for English and Sylfaen for Georgian texts.
  • Font size - 12, line spacing -1,15;
  • Paper size A4, margins: top - 2.0 cm, bottom - 2.0 cm, left - 2.5 cm, right – 2.0 cm;
  • The paper, including the abstract, should be not more than 10 pages;
  • Paintings, graphics, schemes and other image files should be done in JPG, TIFF Format; formulas - in Microsoft Equation;
  • The paper should provide the information on author’s academic degree and title, occupied position and contact details: address, telephone number, e-mail.

  • The author is responsible for the authenticity of the material provided by him/her for publication.
  • The material will be reviewed and evaluated by corresponding department/direction and presented to the editorial board with appropriate recommendation.

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