Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

  1. What is the basis for getting the students’ status?
    At Bachelor’s level the basis for getting student’s status is the result Unified National Exams.
  2. Which normative document regulates the issue of obtaining state grant by the student?
    The issue of obtaining/improving the grant is regulated by procedure rules for ‘Unified National Exams’.
  3. What is the student’s enrollment procedure?
    The students have to pass the registration according to the rules set in GTUNI.
  4. What is the procedure for enrollment at Master’s Degree Programs?
    Enrollment procedure at Master’s programs is regulated by the rules set by the University Charter.
  5. What is the procedure for enrollment via mobility rule?
    The enrollment procedure to GTUNI via mobility rule is regulated by the order N 10/ February 4, 2010 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia on ‘the rules for mobility from one HEI to another HEI.’
  6. Who administers Mobility Procedure?
    Mobility rule is administered by ltd ‘Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University’.
  7. What is the student’s assessment system like at GTUNI?
    The assessment system and criteria are based on the rule of students’ assessment accepted in the university. It includes 5 types of positive assessments:



Above 90% out of maximum

A - ’excellent’

81-90% out of maximum

B - ‘very good’

71-80% out of maximum

C - ‘good”

61-70% out of maximum

D - ‘satisfactory’

51-60% out of maximum

E - ‘enough’

And two types of negative assessments:



41-50% maximum assessment

Fx - can’t pass’

Less than 40 % out of maximum

F - ‘failed’

8. What can become the reason for suspension of the student’s status?
The reason for suspension of student’s status can be the following:

  • Academic leave:
  • Illness;
  • Study in the HEI abroad;
  • To be suspected of criminal offence;
  • Financial indebtedness;
  • Lack of Financial registration.

9. What can be the funding source for the student?
State academic grant - 50%, 70%, 100%;

  • Social funding- Ministry of Science and Education of Georgia, Tbilisi Mayor’s office and etc.
  • Partial or full funding.

10. What is the study fee and what are the forms of payment that you offer to the students?
The study fee at GTTU according to stud year is:
The first year of study - 2 250 GEL.

According to the contract, the study fee can be covered in stages in four parts:
Stage 1: Within 1 week period from the start of the academic year.
Stage 2: Until December 15th of the current year.
Stage 3: Until March 15th of the current year.
Stage 4: Until May 15th of the current year.

11. What are the educational levels you offer to the applicants?
The university carries out educational programs at bachelor’s and Master’s level:
a) Bachelor’s degree program consists of 240 credits - 1st level
b) Master’s degree consists of 120 credits - level II.

12. How are the credits obtained?
During the academic process the student has to successfully complete his/her studies, obtained 60 credits (30 credits per semester).
The student will obtain credits only after completion of his/her studies, after successful realization of all due work and getting positive assessment.

13. What are the cases for the student to take an academic leave?
The students are given Academic leave:

  • Is he/she goes on his/her studies abroad, for not less than 3 years except those cases when he provides the documentary proof that duration of the educations program she is taking is much longer.
  • He is recruited in compulsory military service;
  • Due to the pregnancy or caring the new-born baby (not more than 2 semesters);
  • Due to other acceptable reasons, by the decision made by the faculty board on the basis of the corresponding application.

14. Does the University recognize the ECTS System standards?
The university recognizes and follows the principles of ECTS.