Education at GTTU

Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University offers the specialties at the Faculties of Business Administration, Law and Social Sciences at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Business Administration Bachelor program offers the following specialties: Management, Marketing, Tourism and Finances. The graduates are awarded Bachelor’s Academic Degree after completion of 8 semesters and gaining 240 credits.

As for the MBA programs, our university offers the program in International Business Management. The students study the peculiarities and technologies of International Business Management.

MBA in Banking: Students get acquainted with peculiarities of bank Management.

MBA in Tourism: The students will study recreational tourism that is really prospective and developing field in Georgian reality in long-term strategy. After the completion of the program, the graduates will be awarded the degree of Master of Business Administration in Recreational Tourism.

Master’s academic degree is conferred after completion of 4 semesters, 120 credits.

The programs are flexible and student-oriented. They are designed according to the electivity principles. The programs offer main as well as additional specialties, gaining free credits from university subjects (Journalism, Law and Business spheres).

Design and structure of Master’s program give chance to the bachelor degree graduate of any other specialty to apply for the program.

Master’s programs of Law and Social Science Faculties are constructed on the same principles.

Bachelor program of Law Faculty prepares the Bachelors in Law Studies. At Master’s level the students are prepared into two directions: Criminal law and Private/Business Law. The graduates are awarded the Academic Degree of Master of Criminal Law or Master of Private/Business Law.

Academic Programs in the field of Journalism prepare the Bachelors and Masters of Social Sciences in Journalisms.

Two third of the educational programs are oriented on professional practice. The University has all resources to provide students of all three faculties with professional experience in real sector. As a result, future specialists are getting used to interacting in professional environment; obtain the skills of logical thinking and making independent decisions.

Students have good conditions for sport life. They can reveal the possibilities on the playgrounds, in the singing ensemble as well as in research center, get additional education in the training Center and the Center for Foreign Languages, university clinics and laboratories, photo, tele and radio laboratories.

GTTU offers international training courses and is going to offer international Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs with joint diplomas.