Why GTTU ?

On behalf of the Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University academic personnel and administration we’d like to express our gratitude that you have chosen our University.

Our university strives to satisfy the demands set by the labor market, providing the students with high level of educations.

Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University offers high level of education, practice oriented teaching, the best academic and international programs, curriculums and comfortable environment.

Students’ lecturer’s joint interest, warm and friendly environment, comfortable material and technical base, the accumulation of the knowledge necessary in modern business environment are the values defining the strategy of our university. In order to achieve the result set by us, the university has passed all the accreditation procedure required by the regulations and set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

In order to provide extra support to the students, the university has set up the training center, journalism club ‘Reporter’ literature Club, student’s café, the club of intellectuals, modern playground. University students are served by university buses.

We have all the conditions to equip the students by the corresponding knowledge as well as professional skills necessary for their future career promotion, that will also assist them in future in creating the professional environment based on respect and high values. It will help them not only in a professional way, but in personal self realization as well.