Applying for GIU English-language bachelor programs

The applying process is divided into three major parts

  • Submission of the Documents
  • Internal Exam (Interview/Speaking & Writing)
  • Visa Processing (In case two above listed parts are fulfilled)

General Information

The applicants who are willing to study at the English-language bachelor programs of

Georgian International University (GIU) without Unified National Exams should present

the following documents:

1. Scanned copy of a passport;

2. Certificate of general/school education and transcript of records;

3. Video Interview in a recorded version;

4. Email and telephone;

5. Official 3x4 image.

Each of the listed documents should be provided in a scanned pdf version.

Translation, Notarization and Visa affairs

In case the applicant is willing, GIU provides an opportunity for the applicant to use translation, notarization and Visa assistance services. The fee is 150 USD for translation and notarization activities of the above-listed documents as well as their submission to the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE), according to the Georgian legislature.

The fee also includes consultations and assistance on visa affairs/materials as well as

help to undertake relevant steps in order to properly process the visa application. The fee is not refundable.

Other details on visa procedures can be found on:

The admission process

The admissions in the study process will be carried out during Spring and Fall

semesters. The admission process includes no deadlines for the applicants.

Internal Exam Details:

First and foremost, applicants have to be interviewed via ONLINE Platforms. The interview should take 15 minutes. The following criteria should be fulfilled:

  • Full name and passport number of the applicant.
  • Introduction of the applicant (his/her country of origin; family members; study/academic achievements, etc).
  • Purpose of opting for continuing academic life in Georgia;
  • Sources which assisted the applicant to find out about GIU and his/her motivation to study at GIU;
  • Field of academic interest of the applicant;
  • Knowledge of details of the program on which the applicant is willing to study;
  • Confirmation on the registration of the program.

After the interview the applicant will be supervised by the GIU representatives to write the English language writing exam via Online Platforms. The applicant may be allowed not to write the writing part of the exam, if he/she presents one of the following English language certificates:

  • CEFR B2, IELTS exam – 5 BEC exam and CELS exam – Vantage;
  • Cambridge exam – FCE;
  • Pritman ESOL International;
  • TOEIC – 600;
  • TOEFL– 510 (paper - based) 173 (computer - based) 61 (internet – based).

The admission commission will assess the exam. After the results of the exam are sent to the NCEQE, it will also evaluate them.

In case the applicant has already arrived in Georgia, he/she can carry out this procedure at GIU premises.

Feel free to contact the Head of our Department of International Relations:

Mr. Grigol Kalandadze


Tel: (+995) 599 15 05 02

Ms: Lali Balakhadze


Tel: (+995) 593 76 13 54