Faculty of Law

Facultyof Law

Objectives, duties and responsibilities

The objectives of Law Faculty of Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University comes from University mission and is oriented towards the preparation of highly qualified and competitive staff. Taking into the consideration the basis requirements of national framework and Bologna Process, the faculty supports the constant upgrading of the educational programs according to state and community requirements.
For the purpose of educational program quality improvement, the faculty works out the strategic plan, quality monitoring and control mechanisms, and the ways of raising the personnel’s qualification. Law Faculty recognizes students’ and professors’ rights and freedom, supports prospective personnel’s recruitment process and creation of proper scientific and research conditions.
The objective of law is to offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programs oriented toward the students needs and requirements of the market that support provision of high quality education in Public and Private Law; to establish partnership with Law Faculties of other HEI; to equip the students with practical skills by organizing law clinics and laboratories; to encourage students’ self-government activities;
The objectives of Law Faculty are the following: To introduce modern methods of teaching; to prepare law manuals, courses, to prepare and realize joint programs/courses with other universities, to exercise the practice of sharing; to support mobility, participate in conferences; to develop and enrich quality management system, constantly upgrade resources.