Law Faculty

Law Faculty carries out three academic programs:

Bachelor’s Degree Program:

  • Law

Master’s Degree Programs:

  • Private Law;
  • Criminal Law.

After completion of Bachelor’s Degree Program in Law, the graduate will be awarded the Academic Degree of Bachelor of Law.

After completion of Master Degree Program in Private/Business Law, the graduate will be awarded the Academic Degree of Master of Law in Private/Business Law.

After completion of Master’s Degree program in Criminal Law, the graduate will be awarded the Academic Degree of Master of Law in Criminal Law.

Academic Programs are recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs aim to prepare qualified specialists of the field, equipped with proper theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for their future career.

In order to achieve the goals set above:

Apart from theoretical and practical courses, the faculty offers masterclasses, public lectures and training courses that are delivered by Georgian as well as foreign professors, scientists and lawyers.

GTTU has established:

Moot Court equipped according to modern standards. The students organize Administrative, Criminal and Civil Procedure simulations in order to work out and practice the skills of a judge, a prosecutor and those of a lawyer;

Laboratory of Criminalistics, equipped with modern technical facilities. The qualified specialists teach students: to correctly use criminalistics technical facilities in the investigation process (to prepare footmark, make up so called photo robot and etc.); discover, reveal and fix prints (left as a result of application of finger, foot, gun and other breaking weapon) and other evidences; tactics of investigation activities, as well as the methodology for solving the crimes of murder, stealth, burglary, robbery, transport crime, bureaucratic offence and etc.

The faculty, within the framework of Memorandums of Understanding, actively cooperates with Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Ministry of Corrections of Georgia, Notary Chamber of Georgia, Legal Assistance Service, Central Elections Commissions of Georgia, Tbilisi Appeal Court, Tbilisi City Court, Rustavi City Court, Bureau of Advocates and etc., where the graduating students have professional practice.

Successful operation of the programs at Law Faculty is conditioned by the efficiency of professors, who are leading specialists in the field, as well as by the efforts of practicing lawyers invited to share their experience with GTTU Law Faculty students and staff.

Faculty internationalization implies realization of the academic programs compatible with modern educational space; creation of conditions for students’ and staff’s academic mobility; application of modern teaching technologies and resources in the academic process; periodical enrichment of the university book fund with modern foreign literature in Law sphere.

The annual fee for the Programs is 2 250 GEL. It can be divided and covered in four stages according to the deadlines set in the contract.