GTUNI is guided by Magna Charta of Bologna and the principles of the Lisbon Convention and considers it a duty to support the implementation of the state policy of Georgia's integration into the European educational sphere and consistently cares for the internationalization of the university.

Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University promotes mobility of students and professors in leading universities in foreign countries. For that purpose, it strives to establish partnerships with the educational institutions of advanced countries.

Nowadays the university cooperates closely with the following universities: Inholand University (Netherlands); Mycola Romer University (Lithuania); Klaipeda University (Lithuania); Birmingham College (UK); Kiev Tourism University (Ukraine); Paderborn University (Germany); Varna Free University (Bulgaria); Bremerhaven University (Germany); Baden-Wuerttemberg Dual Teaching University (Germany); Constanta Ovidius University (Romania); Banska -Bistritsa Matte Bel University (Slovakia); Ventspil University (Latvia); Odessa Maritime Academy (Ukraine), Catholic University of Ingolstadt (Germany) and others.

The university works on joint educational programs, projects and research; closely cooperates with foreign experts, lecturers, trainers:

Tjerk Busstra - Department of International Projects of Inholand University; Honorary Doctor of GTUNI;

Peter Kathy- Professor of Psychology at the University of Zwolle Windesheim, PUM-'s expert;

Uke van den Brink - Professor of Inholand University, Honorary Doctor of GTUNI;

German professor Doctor Reinhard Pauling holds the position of an affiliated professor and works with the GTUNI Law Faculty. Since 2013, he has been successfully conducting a lecture course 'EU Law'. Successful participants are awarded with certificates.

On February 1, 2018, an agreement was signed with the Catholic University of Ingolstadt, Germany. The aim of cooperation is to implement joint projects, courses, research and exchange projects in tourism sector. As a result of this cooperation, two German students have successfully completed courses in English language from Ingolstadt University in the framework of GTUN I Consulting and Training Center:

1. Intercultural Communications;

2. New Media and Society;

3. Management of sustainable tourism destinations.

In 2015 Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University gained VISEGRAD International Grant for the project - European Integration in Central Europe: Experience of Visegrad Countries # 61450035, Within the frameworks of which Prof. Karel Jandas of Charles University (Czech Republic) and Professor Pauline Phillip, University of Rozzow (Poland) held lectures for GTUNI students.