Alumni Management Department of GTUNI thrives to create alumni network in order to involve them in The University life.

The corresponding steps are taken in order to establish intensive and close relations between the university and its alumni. They are regularly informed about the processes, innovations and events planned at the University.

In order to promote the students future career, the university carries out the following activities:

  • Signs the MO U’s with different organizations;
  • Arranges on campus interviews with potential employers;
  • Carries out the monitoring for vacancies announced but different organizations and structures;
  • Arranges the presentations for different programs;
  • Prepares the students for the meetings with the future employer.

In 2011 the Alumni database was created at Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University. It allows us to trace Alumni’s professional development after the graduation.

GTUNI is always ready to provide its alumni with necessary assistance and consultations.