Reinstatement to student status

Reinstatement to student status procedure at Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University is the following:

  • The reinstatement to the student status at the same university where the student’s status was suspended is possible even if the total number of current students exceed the total number of the places defined by the accreditation.
  • In such case, the quantity of the students enrolled beyond the total number of the students predefined by the accreditation will affect the number of the students to be admitted for the following academic year.
  • Reinstatement to the student’s status is possible from the same semester when the status has been suspended.
  • In case of suspension of student status, it can be reinstated only via Unified National/Master’s exams;
  • If the student passes successfully Unified National Exams, the faculty board will decide from which stage the student will go on his/her studies;
  • The faculty board makes a decision on the grounds of written motivated decision of the committee, created by the order of the faculty dean. The decision will confirm the adequacy or inadequacy of the academic program with the program of the receiving institution where the student wishes to go on his/her studies.

Excluded Student’s Reenrollment by Reinstatement Rule

Excluded student’s reenrollment by reinstatement rule at GTUNI is regulated by the order N10, February 4, 2010 of Minister of Education and Science.

  • Before this rule comes into force, the excluded student is considered to be the person, whose student status has been suspended within 10 year period of the issuing of the order about the exclusion and is eligible to refer to the HEI on the reinstatement to the student’s status or enjoy mobility rights if the grounds for exclusion is not the reason for suspension of student status defined by this rule.
  • In case of suspension of student status, its reinstatement is possible via the rule set by the legislation.