TEMPUS: 158739-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-DE-JPHES WeNeT- “E-learning in Touism”-2009-2012. The project, responding the strategy of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, aimed at supporting adult’s professional education. More specifically, it was directed towards the implementation of such activities, as: retraining of unemployed adults; qualification improvement courses for the representatives of Business sector; preparation of short e-courses for HEI students, as well as for the students of vocational institutions. The following course were prepared within the framework of the project:

  1. The course of tour operator;
  2. Destination management;
  3. Tourism and recreation manager- professional profile;
  4. Guide program;
  5. HR Management;
  6. Cultural Tourism.

TEMPUS: 543681-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE- -JPHES – CruiseT- ‘Network of competence centres for the development of Cruise Tourism in the Black Sea Region’-2013-2017;

GTUNI Professors and students participated in the project. Within the framework of the project GTUNI got funding, total amount: 70.000 euros, which covered project participants’ salaries and business trips (49000 euros), funds for purchasing and printing books: 4000 euros; Publication expenses of 10 textbooks created by the academic/invited staff of GTUNI; participation in qualification improvement courses, seminars and conferences abroad, the project budget covered the expenses for innovation of technical equipment and facilities of the university (17000 euros).

University collaboration network at the Black Sea – UNIVER-SEA.NET – EU, 2014. The project aim was to create cooperation network among Black See area country universities; support the mobility of Black Sea area university students and academic/invited staff; share best practices; increase communication among neighbour countries.

VISEGRAD Foundation: 61450035 - V4EaP -“European Integration in Central Europe: the Experience of Visegrad countries“) 2015-2018.

Th project aimed at creation of 5 credit course in the direction of EU integration, which was successfully implemented. The course European integration in central Europe: experience of Visegrad countries was created. Within the framework of the project, masterclasses on EU integration topic were delivered by Professors from the universities of Visegrad countries.

ERASMUS+ K 1/107 -Mobility for Learners and Staff-Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility 2016-2017 (Inholland University, The Netherlands). The project aim was to implement the exchange of Business Administration and Law students and academic/invited staff with Inholland University, Netherlands. Students and Professors participated in the project;

ERASMUS+ K 1/107 -Mobility for Learners and Staff-Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility 2018-2019 (Inholland University, The Netherlands).

The project goal is to implement International mobility for GTUNI students to Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam School. Currently, GTUNI students from the faculties of Business and Social Sciences study at Inholland University. The project covers business trips of Professors to the Netherlands and visits of Dutch Professors to GTUNI.

ERASMUS+ K 1/107 -Mobility for Learners and Staff-Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility 2018-2019 (Ulster University, Ireland);

The project covers students and academic/invited staff exchange to Ulster University (Ireland) and GTUNI Law Faculties;

Erasmus+ KA107 - Mobility for Learners and Staff-Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility 2020-2023 (University of Pécs, Hungary) – Student and academic/invited staff mobility between two Higher Educational Institutions is envisaged in the frames of the project.