University Mission

University Mission

Entrepreneurial Legal Entity of Private Law _ Guram Ttavartkiladze Teaching University recognizes the necessity of Georgia’s integration into the European Educational Space and follows educational policy offered by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia with the defense of autonomy rights.  GTTU gives the priority to the principles expressed in Bologna Magna Charta and Lisbon Conventions, leading educational work corresponding to national interests as well.  

Core values recognized at Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University are the following:

  1. Recognition of general humanity ideals and values;
  2. Superiority of national interests and law;
  3. Democracy, transparency and justice;
  4. Professionalism, high quality of education and research;
  5. Student-oriented teaching;
  6. Academic freedom of academic personnel;
  7. Honesty;
  8. Accountability
Based on these values, GTTU aims at perfection of academic process. The mechanisms of its realization are the following:
  • realize educational programs of the first and the second level in Business Administration, Law and Social Sciences;
  • prepare and realize professional program/programs;
  • prepare and carry out new educational programs (the programs of the 3rd educational level among them) that are in demand in the market and society;
  • prepare highly qualified, competitive and responsible professionals that respect and recognize democratic values, human rights and freedom; promote intercultural communication, tolerance and humanism ideals;
  • support students with the options of modern educational programs based on knowledge and experience, compatible with modern educational space; create all conditions for student’s academic and personal development, self realization and career promotion;
  • recognize the necessity of social transformation of knowledge and support the permanent development of education quality;
  • protect students rights and freedom; involve students in scientific activities, healthy lifestyle; develop and promote their leadership skills , initiative, creativity and activeness;
  • Individual approach to students’ demands, taking into the consideration GTTU corporate specificity, establish and support friendly relations with them;
  • support close links with the employers in order to provide the graduates with job placement; work out efficient strategy for communication with alumni. For this reason, the university is always ready, to support them on their job, if needed, be it free consultations, courses, modern literature or other type of services;
  • recognize academic freedom of its professors, encourage and promote their professionalism, qualification, experience, initiative and creativity; create corresponding conditions for scientific research and grant project preparation; support the creation and publication of high quality materials and manuals in Georgian language, support professor’s further requalification (locally as well as abroad) in order to promote the permanent process of knowledge and experience regeneration, as well as introduction of modern methodology;
  • attract young and prospective personnel; support their professional, scientific and pedagogic development;
  • create the environment for lifelong learning (LLL);
  • work out and develop the university internationalization strategy;
  • protect and promote organizational culture of the university, its principal values, management democracy, transparency and justice; support students’ and lecturers involvement in university management process, organization of educational and academic process, evaluation and control;
  • Effective application of material resources, work for their further perfection;
  • Successfully carry out the above mentioned priorities of the university mission, gain the reputation of high level corporation throughout the country, as well as abroad;

In order to realize the mission, GTTU has set the goals, tasks, action plan that describe the priorities defined by the university as well as  short term (2012-2013) and long term (2010-2016) strategies for their realization.  

GTTU mission is an object of permanent analysis and renewal, in order to support the compatibility of educational institution with rapidly changeable demands of   state, society and labor market.