Webinar: Down Syndrome and the 21st Century

17 May 2022

Today, on May 17, 2022, Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University organized a webinar on ,,Down Syndrome and 21st century".

Darina Dumbadze, Master of Clinical Psychology; Head of Early Developmental and Autism Programs at Rehabilitation Center Panchet; Club Synergy - Psychologist; Georgian Down Syndrome Association - Head of Adjara Branch, was the featured speaker for the webinar.The speaker spoke about such interesting and topical topics as:

• What is Down Syndrome;

• What challenges do adolescents with Down syndrome face?

• Approaches to people with Down Syndrome and their family members;

• Family role and support;

• Services.

After completing the theoretical part of the webinar, the speaker answered the questions.