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Elene Margalitashvili

Elene Margalitashvili

TV MTAVARI - journalist


Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University is the best choice what I have done in my life!

This is the place where you have been noticed, a place where you become a better person, a place that seemed to be far away at first, and then it becomes even the most familiar. No matter where I will study, which university name should be added to my biography, whenever a question is asked to me  I will answer with great pride , warmth and love that I studied in Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University  on the Faculty of Social Sciences! 


One more good tradition at the University

19 April 2012

Today on April 19, 2012 Business Administration Faculty and the Law Faculty Bachelor students of Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University will plant the black pine and ornamental evergreen Tuya plantations in the university yard and thereby express their attitude and respect for the university academic staff and for those people who did their best for the last four years, who made every effort, spent their energy, their knowledge and experience in order to became these four years the foundation of the life for those young people. As the great Georgian writer Ilia said “the foundation of life, the head of the source of life and the bridge became between the darkness and the lightness made by the fortune”.

As Bachelor graduates say this place in the future will be the palace where this year students and future graduates will meet each other and by this time they will themselves share their knowledge and experience to the university student. They will talk about the actual issues, they will give advices for the future colleagues and thereby this beautiful tradition will last.

We wish good luck for future graduates.