Event dedicated to COST Information Day

28 June 2022

A COST information day event titled "Georgia's COST Full Membership - New Opportunities for Georgian Researchers" ("COST Info Day" Georgia's COST Full Membership - New Opportunities for Georgian Researchers) was held today, June 28, and was sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

Participating at the occasion was Zoya Adamia, director of Tbilisi Teaching University's GuramTavartkiladze Research Promotion Center.

The COST association members gave presentations regarding the projects the organization was working on as part of the aforementioned event, and they also provided attendees with information on how they might get involved in the projects. The event's attendees also had the chance to learn more about the different programs that Georgia is eligible for as a full member of the COST Association. is a resource that enables you to get money for things like grants, business trips, publications, and attendance at international conferences.

At the event dedicated to the information day of COST, in addition to the Georgian side, the deputy head of the program direction of the EU delegation in Georgia, Katalin German, the director of the European association COST, Ronald de Bruin, and etc.