The main purpose of Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University Foreign Languages Center is to serve the GTUNI Bachelor and professional programs of Business and Social Sciences and Law Faculties, provide students with qualified knowledge in the relevant foreign language, prepare them for the international certification exams in the relevant foreign language in accordance with the level set by the European Recommendation Council at B2 level.

Foreign Language Center responds the International Strategy of the University, It is invoked to support teachers and students who want to improve their foreign languages skills, In order to actively participate in various exchange and qualification upgrading programs abroad. The center offers them high qualified, certified courses both locally and abroad at university partner institutions. The Foreign Language Center constantly introduces innovations in English language teaching. It actively cooperates with various English language textbooks publishers, famous authors and trainers who are frequent guests of our university. Lecturers of the Center are actively involved in local and international conferences, seminars and training courses. The Center actively participates in the university life. It holds an Olympiad in foreign language annually where students are given the opportunity to examine their own knowledge of foreign language, as well as the study of the country knowledge and culturology aspects. Lecturers of the Center are actively cooperating with GTUNI Collection of scientific works, providing them with qualified foreign language editing.


Head of Foreign Languages


Inga Diakonidze


(995 32) 266-15-12 +149