Deputy Rector

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m very glad that I have got the possibility to express my personal approach and the university vision in general, on international relations and future plans that are to be realized toward this direction.

International relations and establishment of the cooperation with the HEI abroad is considered to be one of the priorities of our university.
Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University is oriented towards providing high quality education service. We consider that it can only be achieved by collecting and sharing the experience of local and international HEI.

We plan and realize the following activities:

  • Create and broaden the network of partner universities; work out partnership plan, sign the memorandum;
  • Create joint Bachelor and Master’s degree programs/courses;
  • Participate in joint projets (e.g. TEMPUS, ERASMUS-MUNDUS, MATRA, Jann Monet, X-plore etc.);
  • support/organize students’ mobility to foreign HEI;
  • support/organize academic staff’s mobility;
  • organize master classes/trainings;
  • participate/organize international conferences;
  • Constantly inform students about the grants/scholarships for studying abroad announced by different organizations and funds.

We are sure that these activities will be helpful to find the ways of cooperation that will be mutually beneficial and especially useful for students to increase their knowledge, obtain practical skills for their future career and make an adaptation with real life and society.

During its young life, our university has already signed the Memorandum of Understanding with one of the biggest and famous university of Netherlands _ Inholland University. The following steps have already been made under the framework of this memorandum:
  • Joint course _ – Community Based Tourism (CBT-1, CBT-2) has been worked out in cooperation with tourism department of Haarlem. Under their sponsorship and support two GTTU students with high academic success are taking the above mentioned course in Netherlands;
  • joint courses are being worked out: e.g. Trends in Tourism;
  • The negotiations have been started with Business and Management School of Wettingen, Switzerland;
  • University Training Centre holds qualification courses in modern methods of Teaching and learning. The trainings are led by the Consultant of TC PUM expert, Mr. Pieter Kat.
  • University closely cooperates with ‘English Book Georgia’ (Official representative of Oxford University Press). With the support and sponsorship of the organization the trainings for English teachers and seminars for students are arranged in the UK and in Georgia. The seminars are led by the famous writers and publicists, like Bill Bowler and etc.
  • GTUNI has two Honorary Doctors: Mrs. Oeke Van Den Brink and Mr. Dick Wijnands;
  • The University cooperates with the University of Maribor, Slovenia, within the framework of the project TEMPUS-IV, “European Neighbourhood Policy Law and Good Governance-EUNEGO”.
  • University professors are involved in international projects _ TEMPUS (tourism sphere) and Jann Monet (Europe Studies) as the authors and researchers of the course;
  • Master classes for students are arranged regularly in project management (Dr. Tjerk Busstra), in Corporate Communications (Dr. Oeke Van Den Brink, and Dr. Peter Francen); in Tourism Management (Dr. Dick Wijnands, Pieter Kat).
  • Joint course _ Tourism Manager - Professional Training Profile is being worked out of in cooperation with Inholland, Stenden and Breda Universities (Netherlands);
  • The university closely cooperates with International Project Department of Inholland University and participates in preparation of TEMPUS, ERAZMUS, X-plore projects;

International Relations play an important role in GTUNI life and we think that activities for their improvement and development will be carried on in future too.