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Nodar Javakhishvili

Nodar Javakhishvili

PHARM  HOUSE,    Commercial   Director




In 2013 I graduated from Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University, faculty of Law.

Before I applied I had been thinking for long time which HEI to choose; which university could give me modern education and today I know that I have made right choice.

I really got such kind of education that is the solid baisi for your sussessful career.

With the help of Guram tavartkiladze Taching University I managed to become the students of one of the best universities in the world _ Charles University in Prague and graduated from the faculty of Marketing.

I want to express my deep gratitude towards the staff of Guram Tavatkiladze Teaching University, representatives of the administration, whose contribution in my professional growth was really enormous, I obtained knowledge and faced the challenges of real life.

GTTU is the place which gives you the real possibilities to achieve the goals.

You should not give up and go for your dream, carrying the name of GTTU with dignity.