Tempus Project

Project 543681-Tempus-1-2013-1-DE-Tempus-JPHES-CruiseT network of competence centeres for the development of cruise Tourism in the Black Sea region (Georgia-Ukraine)

At Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University on 21.01.2016 was held the Round Table in the framework of Tempus “CruiseT” project


Actual issues CruiseT project

  1. According to the CruiseT project work out the master’s program “Tourism Management” and involvement of partner universities in it.
  2. Working out of short term certified courses by competence centers
  3. Organizing of implementation of “joint projects” by competence centers in Georgia.
  4. Preparing of planned meetings in Bolzano (Italy) European Academy.
  5. Preparing of international conference and coordination meeting in the frame work of “CruiseT” project planned in September 2016, Batumi

Project coordinator, Dr. Professor

Roman Mamuladze Infromation