The Students’ Ninth Scientific Conference was held at GTUNI

14 June 2018

On June 14, 2018, the ninth Scientific Conference was held at Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University. Up to 40 students of the university participated in the Scientific Conference; among them were Masters’ students too. Participants of the Conference were divided into sections: Law Section (Private and Public Law), Social Sciences Section (Journalism, Mass Communication), Financing Section (Finance, Banking) and Business Administration Section (Business Administration, International Business Management, and Tourism).

Conference was held in an interesting atmosphere. There were original, novelty-based and creative reports.

Nominations on student conference were distributed in the following sequence:

Faculty of Law

Private Law Section:

1. "The Best Presentation" - Tamuna Gogokhia (Subject: "Mediation as the Meaning and Prospects of Development of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Georgia").

Public Law Section:

  1. "The Best Work" - Ekaterine Lagidze (Theme: "Comparative Analysis of Presumption of Innocence");
  2. "The Original Research" - Tamar Maisuradze (Subject: "Cybercrime");
  3. "Practical Value Of The Work" - Nino Benidze - (Theme: "Concept of sentence, importance and types");
  4. "Current Topic" - Mariam Tsulukidze - (Subject: "Juvenile Offenses").

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Social Sciences section:

1. "The Best Work" - David Dolidze - (Theme: "The Role of Mass Media in Forming State Bodies");
2. "Best Presentation" - Zurab Khvichia, Anano Rukhaia - (Subject: "European Values and Identity in Georgia under Intercultural Communications context");

3. "Original Research" - Natia Tsaava - (Subject: "Media" in the Global Village "Context");

4. "Current Topic" - Salome Jologua - (Theme: "The problems of culture in the Georgian TV space");

5. "Practical Value of the work"- Tamta Jgenti (Theme: “Georgian field of Student Journalism ").

Finance Section:

1. "The Best Work" - Nino Mchedlishvili - (Subject: "The profit of commercial banks and peculiarities of different levels of economic development in Georgia ");
2. "Best Presentation" - Ana Chatinyan - (Subject: "Creating New Jobs without Small Business Development is impossible");

3."The Original Research" - Tamar Nanskani - (Theme: "Methodological Principles and Peculiarities of Creating Financial Instruments for Attracting Foreign Investments in Georgia");
4. "Current Topic" - Rosa Makhmudova - (Subject: "Green Economics and Green Business");

5. "Practical Value of the Work" - Mariam Kuldonashvili - (Subject: Budget arrangement development and the contradictions of resistance in Georgia ");

Business Administration Section:

1. "The Best Work" - Salome Buskhrikidze - (Subject: "Global Tourism: Facts, Regional Results");
2. "Best Presentation" - Ani Gabisonia - (Subject: "Marketing Communications in the Field of Trade");
3. "The Original Research" - Nino Vardanashvili - (Theme: "Impact of Globalization on the Formation of External Trade of Georgia");

4. "Current Topic" - Tamar Khoperia - (Subject: "Electronic Business and Marketing Transformation");

5. "Practical Value of the Work" - Salome Buadze - (Theme: "Important aspects of hotel business").