The humanities presented on the Department of Social Sciences in terms of competitive environment of new world civilizations stay the essential components of university education. This is conditioned with their object of studies: Human being, community, its history, world view and culture.

The department serves all academic programs at Bachelor’s as well as at Master’s level.

The disciplines are completely oriented at each educational program, designed according to their demands, aims and tasks.

Each course is designed according to the standards of the Bologna process and the requirement set by the National educational system of Georgia.

The department serves teaching the student the values of mankind and equips them with the professional skills necessary for their career promotion teaching the following disciplines: Philosophy, Psychology, Culturology, Politology, History, and Verbal Communications.

The mission of the department is to provide the students with field knowledge, human and moral ideas, to grow up the citizens with the sense of responsibility, democracy, tolerance, morality and free will.