Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences carries out two educational programs at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The aim of the programs of Journalism is to create good conditions to the students for developing their intellectual potential through practical work and equip them with the professional skills of critical evaluation of the events going on in the community; to understand the value of the freedom of speech in the context of democratic values and face the responsibility before the community.

Bachelor degree program offers the students two options of modules: press and media.

Master’s program prepares the journalists oriented at certain field.

Bachelor program in journalism together with other educational components is bases on two creative forms: Studio work and working shop. The students prepare their first newspaper, radio and TV programs.

In the working shop the students are organized in small groups around one supervisor, the famous journalist. They practice professional skills during 3 semesters. Future journalists get professional training from the first day in the student club ’Reporter’. The club organizes teaching press conferences with interesting and outstanding public figures every Friday.

Direction of Journalism has set up the scientific circle; the students are involved in different charity and educational work.