Based on the mission and strategy of the University, the aim of the Business and Economics Management Department is to provide modern European forms and methods in the teaching process, which is focused primarily on the use of practical skills.

One of the important directions of the Department activity is to support the development of students' scientific and analytical research skills, Involvement of students in university activities of local or foreign universities, exchange programs, international conferences; Creating creative and critical thinking for students.

The aim of the Department activities is to maintain the quality of educational programs, attracting academic personnel with high qualifications and experience, preparation of syllabuses for the basic and elective study courses.

The faculty provides the means of introduction of modern European forms and methods of teaching, facilitating the internationalization of the study process;

Enhancement of professional qualifications of faculty teachers and professors, their participation in scientific-research activities and international conferences.

The Department is constantly introducing modern teaching methods and uses flexible technologies for students' practices and career growth.