Foreign Language Centre

Foreign Language Centre

GTUNI foreign language Centre acts on the principles defined by the Strategic Development Plan of the university.

The main function is to provide the students of GTUNI Bachelor and Master’s Degree programs with qualified knowledge and skills in corresponding foreign language at A1-B2 level according to the criteria set by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Tasks and objectives

  • Prepare foreign language courses according to the modern standards and language teaching methodology, based on the requirements of GTUNI educational programs;
  • Develop new and update existing courses, if necessary.
  • Prepare/obtain textbooks, courses and other necessary resources for successful implementation of the educational programs;
  • Support professional development of the Centre staff;
  • Organize foreign language section in the students and professor’s scientific conferences;

Head Of The Center:

Prof. Inga Diakonidze


(995 32) 266-15-12 +149