Training and Consulting Center

About Us:

Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University Training and Consulting Center (GTUNI TCC) was created in 2016, „Network of competence centers for the development of cruise tourism in the Black Sea region“: Project No.543681-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES-CruiseT with .financial and technical support. The Training Center cooperates with state and private structures of Georgia, as well as with the universities of Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Ukraine.EMP

What we offer:

GTUNI TCC offers certification courses based on modern theoretical and practical approaches prepared within the Tempus project. Courses based on the latest information and trends will enhance knowledge of practical skills and specific issues, finally, the rapid improvement of quality and efficiency of work.
These courses are:

  1. Sustainable Tourism Destination Management;
  2. Intercultural communication in business negotiations;
  3. The guide's standards;
  4. Social media and Internet technologies in tourism;
  5. Organizational development;
  6. Changes Management
  7. Organizational Management
  8. Practical Marketing
  9. Real Estate Evaluation
  10. Anti-crisis management
  11. Computer skills
  12. Practical management - start-ups
  13. Computer programs
  14. Change Management

Training Courses offered in English language:

Module Info

  1. Sustainable Tourism Destination Management
  2. Cross Cultural Business Communication
  3. New Media and Society
Training Type:

The training type is flexible and is held:

  • Onsite - at GTUNI Training and Consulting Center
  • Onsite – in the company

Courses are recommended:

  • For Travel agencies and Tourist operators representatives;
  • For tourism centers representatives;
  • For Destination Tourism Policy and those responsible for developing of strategy;
  • Representatives of local self-government bodies;
  • For Guides;
  • For academic sphere representatives;
  • For Students.

The number of participants in the training is 10-15;

Course Price: -150 GEL per week; 300 GEL for two weeks Students will receive 30% discount.

Registration completion: Registration will continue permanently.

Training starts: The training will start soon after the group creation.

Those willing to participate in the training preliminary registration is required.

Venue: Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University Training and Consulting Center

Address: Tbilisi, Samgheti street 5 (Nadzaladevi region);

In case of conducting training in the client’s company the address will be published later.