Prerequisites for admission to the program

Prerequisites and procedures for admission to the English-language Tourism Bachelor program are in accordance with applicable law, are set out in the Regulations for the Study Process, are posted on the University's website and are available to all interested parties. Eligibility for gaining student’ status for the English-language Tourism Bachelor program:

Terms of enrollment:

The following are eligible for enrollment to the English-language Tourism Bachelor program:

  • Citizens of Georgia with a full general education certificate, based on the results of the Unified National Examinations (Georgian Language and Literature; Foreign Language (English); Based on the results of one of the elective-compulsory subjects (either geography, or history or mathematics) (getting at least 60 points in English).
  • Admission / enrollment of students in a teaching university without a unified national exam is allowed for foreign citizens in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia (Law of Georgia on Higher Education, Article 52).
  • A prerequisite for studying in the program is a B2 level proficiency in English, which can be confirmed by the relevant proof of knowledge and / or testing in English organized by the university.
  • After obtaining the status of a student of a teaching university, a person is obliged to submit to the teaching university a document certifying full general or equivalent education, and a document certifying the presence of a person subject to military registration in accordance with the law.
  • Enrollment in the English-language undergraduate tourism program for mobility is allowed after the end of one academic year of study. Mobility is possible twice a year, within the timeframe set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, in compliance with the mandatory procedures approved by the Act of the Head of the Education Management Information System and the rules established by the University.
  • Enrollment in the English-language Tourism bachelor's program from a foreign recognized higher education institution is based on the decision / consent of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

The goal of the program

The goals of the English-language Tourism Bachelor program are:

To acquire the student with theoretical knowledge and practical skills based on modern achievements in the field of tourism;

  • Inform student about the management and sectoral structure of the tourism industry, the mechanism of formation of consumer values, current situation and sustainable development perspectives of tourism market;
  • To develop the student's ability to analyse and develop recommendations for problems arising in tourism industry;
  • By complying with corporate ethical norms and responsibility, to develop the student's ability to work individually and as a team and to form a competitive staff in accordance with market requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the English-language Tourism Bachelor program, the graduate:

Knowledge and Acknowledge:

  1. the principles and forms of business and management in the field of tourism, specific methods / techniques of strategic management, specifics of human resources activities, characteristics of the business environment, economic-financial, political-legal, socio-cultural, historical and ecological issues; Explains

Describes the theoretical foundations of tourism as a rapidly evolving field of business, the role and importance of the tourism industry in global and national aspects, strategic and operations management, with risk identification and application of security management;


3. Analyzes tourism-recreational resources, classification of transport, accommodation and food industry services, modern approaches to efficient functioning, art of guiding and special service programs and technologies within its competence;

4. Evaluates the main aspects of tour operator management and tour formation tools within its competence, various types of tourism, including cultural and business (MICE) tours;

defines the functions of a tour operator, key aspects of management and tour formation tools, various types of tourism, including cultural and business tours;

5. Uses tourism marketing tools and techniques to plan, develop and implement tourism market strategies, tourism products;

6. Develops a research, practical project and / or event in various directions of tourism based on pre-defined guidelines based on tourism statistical information;

7. Develops a tourism product, using oral and / or written communication, using modern information-communication channels and reservation systems;

Responsibility and Autonomy:

8. Takes care of his / her professional development, with the principle of individual and team work, adherence to corporate ethical norms and responsibilities.

Employee Spheres

Tourism, being one of the world's largest and fastest-growing businesses, employs the most people worldwide and offers a wide range of job opportunities. The bachelor can work in public, non-governmental, and private tourist institutions and execute specialist activities based on the competences acquired during the learning process, as well as theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. Graduates with a minimal start-up money will be able to launch their own company, including through Start-up programs. Job prospects for graduates include:

Public Sector: Georgian National Tourism Administration of Georgia's Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development; Adjara Tourism Department; Regional Tourism Information Centers; Georgian Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, Agency of Protected Areas; Protected areas and national parks; Local self-government bodies; National Statistics Office, and others.

Private Sector: Tour operators and travel agencies; hotels (including Ho-Re-Ca); restaurants; recreational facilities; tourism attraction management and development organizations; Airlines, car rental firms, meeting and event planning organizations, Museums and more are all available.

Tourism Associations: Georgian Tourism Association; Guides Association; Ecotourism Association; Association of Mountain Resorts and more.

The graduate may hold the following positions: Administrator, Service Sales Manager, Touroperator, Service Specialist, Assistant to the manager, Tour Sales Specialist, and more.