Prerequisites for admission to the program

Prerequisites and procedures for admission to the English-language Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum are in accordance with applicable law, are set out in the Regulations for the Study Process, are posted on the University's website and are available to all interested parties.

Eligibility for the English-language Bachelor of Business Administration program is student status:

Enrollment without passing the Unified National Examinations

Citizens of Georgia with a full general education certificate are eligible for enrollment in the English-language Bachelor of Business Administration program, the results of the Unified National Examinations (Georgian Language and Literature; Foreign Language (English); one of the elective compulsory subjects (either geography, or history or mathematics) ( On the basis of obtaining at least 60 points in English). Without uniform national exams, for foreign citizens, admission / enrollment of students in a teaching university is allowed in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia (Law of Georgia on Higher Education, Article 52).

A prerequisite for studying in the program is a B2 level proficiency in English, which can be confirmed by the relevant proof of knowledge and / or testing in English organized by the university. After obtaining the status of a student of a teaching university, a person is obliged to submit to the teaching university a document certifying full general or equivalent education, and a document certifying the presence of a person subject to military registration in accordance with the law. Enrollment in the English-language undergraduate business administration program in mobility is allowed after the end of one academic year of study. Mobility is possible twice a year, within the timeframe set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, in accordance with the mandatory procedures approved by the Director of the National Center for Quality Development in Education and the rules established by the University.

Enrollment in the English-language Bachelor of Business Administration program from a foreign recognized higher education institution is based on the decision / consent of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

Program Objectives

The goals of the GTUNI Bachelor of Business Administration program are:

1. To raise a competitive, nationally-minded, competitive person with tailored market requirements, who has extensive general and industry knowledge in the field of business administration. Knows modern business trends, the latest experience and is ready to apply the principles and tools of business administration within its competence in a changing environment and to conduct activities as needed.

2. To develop the student's professional development and teamwork skills for the formation of a business idea, the development of business processes, the planning and distribution of entrepreneurial resources, the implementation of research papers / small projects and their implementation in practice;

3. To enable the student to assess the business environment and make targeted decisions, to develop the ability to use technology effectively, to communicate with different target groups, to demonstrate their position orally and in writing;

4. To develop entrepreneurial skills to participate in profit-oriented business activities in accordance with the legal and ethical norms of the business.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the English-language Bachelor of Business Administration program, the graduate:

Knowledge and Aknowledgement:

1. Explains the basic concepts, principles and theories of business; Distinguishing marks of business and entrepreneurship; Entrepreneur qualities, forms and characteristics of entrepreneurship;

2. Describes the agents operating in the business and economic environment, the circumstances favorable or hindering business decisions, their importance for the effective management of the organization.


3. Analyzes the target market, customer requirements, current market trends, research paper, small business projects and business plan;

4. Optimizes and effectively allocates resources for business projects and demonstrates their position orally and in writing in a changing business environment, using information and communication technologies on a minimum basis;

5. Considering the values and culture of organizational policy within its competence. Develops competitive strategies and action plans.

6. Establishes effective communication with team members, business entities, using the latest approaches and techniques, and demonstrating one's position orally and in writing.

Responsibility and Autonomy:

7. Manages managerial activities within the defined competence in compliance with legal and ethical norms and takes responsibility for the performance of work.

8. identifies both their own and others' development needs and participates in the planning of relevant activities.

Fields of Employment

Graduates of the English-language Bachelor of Business Administration program work in organizations of various profiles in the state, public, and private sectors (Georgian and English-language organizations, enterprises, business structures, international organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations). After graduation, the graduate with acquired skills and knowledge in management, marketing, and finance will hold the position of specialist manager of lower or middle level and will practically perform relevant professional functions in organizational-management, administrative-economic, and information-analytical direction within his / her competence.