Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Students,

Guram Tavarkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University is an young University which is the successor of rich traditions and principles set by Mr. Guram Tavartkiladze, the founder of this higher Educational Institution.

Our university has been keeping and following these principles till now. Besides it is wide open to innovations that are vital and actual for modern education. The University seeks to follow the goals set in the Mission: Every lecturer, professor and the student has to know and share the principles and standards set by the university. They should have clear understanding of the duties and responsibilities, personal liabilities, ethic code that will support ‘disciplined intellectual activity (Wilhelm Humboldt) and is a stable guarantee for effectiveness of academic freedom at the HEI and for creation of adequate teaching and learning conditions.

The mission of the University is to satisfy students’ demand to get high quality education, be competitive on the market that will create the basis for his/her future promotion and success.

Principal tasks of our work are the following:

  • To lead the student oriented teaching and learning process taking into the consideration students’ educational and professional interests;
  • In terms of global changes and educational technologies to provide study process with flexible educational programs;
  • to set up intensive, close cooperation with the HEI of the foreign countries in order to share international experience, to broaden the educational opportunities for students as well as for professors, for the purpose of supporting academic mobility and realization of joint programs;
  • To introduce and set the partnership principles between students and teachers ;
  • to help the students adopt practical skills and skills of better reflection of theoretical material with the usage of the modern teaching methodology;
  • To work out the flexible assessment system that will be based on knowledge accumulation principle and support systematic teaching;
  • To set up the close cooperation with different state, social or private structures in order to provide the students with professional practice and internship possibilities;
  • To equip student with those principal skills that will encourage graduates’ further development, broaden and complete his/her knowledge and solve definite tasks;
  • to closely cooperate with the alumni after the graduation of the university, to give them professional consultation in order to help them in career promotion;
  • To encourage the corporate culture in the university _ to promote the idea of entity and unity in order to successfully realize common corporate goals.
  • Together with comfortable personal relations, to create comfortable material conditions for study and work.

I do hope that joint efforts of students, professors, teachers, each staff member, our local or foreign partners and parents will become the stable guarantee for our future success.

Remember, education and knowledge obtained with us is the solid basis for your future success!

With respect and best wishes,

Dr. Giorgi Matiashvili

Rector, Professor