Quality Assurance Department

GTUNI Quality Assurance Department performs its duties on the basis of University Charter. Head of Quality Assurance Department and its representatives on the faculties work for the improvement of teaching quality by the introduction and development of educational programs. At the same time, Quality Assurance Department is involved in self-evaluation process that is compulsory for successful completion of the accreditation procedures.

Quality Assurance Department _ goals and objectives:

To raise the level of teaching and research at the University and secure the interrelation between the qualifications awarded and market demand.


  1. Systematic evaluation of academic and scientific research activities;
  2. Stage development of University academic and scientific research activities;
  3. Stage development and perfection of material and technical base of the university (learning, teaching and research conditions);
  4. Introduction and realization of Bologna principles to the University;
  5. Integration of the university to international partnership and Common European educational sphere;

Bologna Process

Program accreditation



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