Academic Council

Academic Council is a management body of GTUNI. Its duties and responsibilities are defines by the law ‘On Education’. Academic Council works out and endorses the strategic plan of university development; endorses the academic and scientific research programs presented by the faculty; with majority of the list composition elects the Rector - the Head of the Academic Council via free and equal elections, by voting by secret ballot and performs and realizes other functions of university management.

1. Chairman of the Academic Board, Rector - Professor Giorgi Matiashvili
2. Professor Maia Ukleba - Deputy Rector;
3. Professor Sopiko Tevdoradze - Head of Recror's Staff;
4. Professor Roman Shengelia;
5. Professor Givi Lobjanidze;
6. Associate Professor Nino Bochorishvili;
7. Professor Lali Chagelishvili;
8. Professor Marine Vekua;
9. Professor Taliko Zhvania;
10. Student Nikoloz Gogoladze;
11. Student Kristine Arabidze;
12. Student Mariam Sisauri;
13. Student Giorgi Akhalkatsishvili