The Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers 4 accredited academic programs:

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  • Journalism (1430104);
  • Psychology (1430105);

Master’s Degree Program:

  • Mass Communication;

Vocational Program:

  • Movie and TV Operator.

In order to support additional education for students, University Training Centre and the Faculty of Social Sciences offer three certified courses:

- Film Editing;

- Camera Operator skills;

- Public Relations.

Bachelor’s Degree Program in Journalism

The programs aims to prepare news reporter for printed (newspaper, Journal) as well as electronic (TV, Radio, Internet Journalism) media. The graduate of the program should be able to deeply review news of the certain field (students’ choice).

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Journalism.

The graduate is ready to work as a journalist/correspondent/reporter, editor, media manager, press speaker, PR specialist in media and other organizations. The graduate is also ready to go on his/her studies to the next_ Master’s level.

Master’s Degree Program in Mass Communication

Academic Degree – Master of Social Sciences in Mass Communication

The program aims to prepare a branch journalist, who will be able to deeply review actual problems of three leading fields (economics, politics and culture); at the same time, it aims to prepare Master’s Degree Program students for the next educational level _PHD level, for scientific research and pedagogic activities.

Master of Social Sciences in Mass Communication is ready to work in media industry, media organizations, state and non-governmental bodies, research centres, as a branch journalist (the author of the column, page, rubrics, show and etc.); editor; middle level media manager; media analyst; media expert; journalist-reviewer; mass communication branch surveyor.

The forms of implementation of the academic Programs of Journalism and that of Mass Communication are interesting and various.

In parallel with obtaining theoretical knowledge, the students practices the skills necessary for future journalists. In Radio and TV studios equipped with modern technologies, the students study to prepare the themes for ether, to work with respondents, acquire the skills for recording and filming.

There are several creative studios operating within the framework of the program. The experts, experienced and famous journalists, together with the small group of students, focus on reviewing of thematic journalism, be it political, social, extremal or cultural diversity issues (according to students’ choice).

Future journalists get professional experience in GTTU club ‘Reporter’. The club organizes simulated press conferences, hosts interesting and outstanding public figures. Club ‘Reporter’ initiates audio and visual media contests, scientific conferences, masterclasses and public lectures, Olympiads and charity actions. It supports professional development of future journalists, helps them to practically apply the theoretical knowledge gained through studies, promotes their creativeness and broadens their minds.

The students prepare ‘teaching newspaper’ and ‘teaching journal’, record interviews, choose materials and illustrations, create mock-ups, think of advertising.

The lectures and practical classes are delivered by outstanding professors and invited practicing journalists.

The lecture courses as well as professional practice are arranged in partnership with:

  • Georgian Public Broadcaster (Channel, I, II radio I );
  • TV companies: ‘Imedi’ and ‘Ertsulovneba’;
  • Information Agency ‘’ and ‘Media News’;
  • Newspapers ‘Kartuli Sitkva’ and ‘Sakartvelos Respublika’;
  • Journals ‘Arsenali’, ‘Liberali’ and ‘Chveni Mtserloba’ ;
  • Radio FM107.9 ;
  • Studio „Monitori“;
  • The Central Elections Commission of Georgia;
  • Youth European Parliament;
  • INHOLLAND UNIVERSITY (The Kingdom of the Netherlands)

- School of Communication &Media (Hague)

Bachelor Degree Program in Psychology

Qualification/Academic Degree: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology

Welcome everybody, who is interested in psychology and wants to get fundamental psychological education.

Each person is unique. Why? Psychologists try to answer this question by penetrating into the mysterious world of Psychics. It is of utmost importance for the psychologists to identify and explain motives and attempts disguised behind individual’s behaviour.

Aims and Objectives of the Program

The aims of the program are: to help the graduate obtain fundamental knowledge of the history of Psychology, its development tendencies, modern trends of the branch and principal aspects of its theory. To equip the graduate with the professional skills; prepare qualified specialists for independent psychological work.

Forms of Teaching

The academic program, apart from the standard forms of teaching, applies: team work that conditions the high level of involvement of each student in the academic process; role playing and situation games that enable students to look at the challenge from different angles in order to develop the skills of alternative thinking and grounded justification of his/her position.

Teaching format also includes masterclasses delivered by outstanding Georgian and foreign specialists in the field of psychology.

The collaboration with different Georgian and foreign higher educational institutions will support students’ exchange programs as well as participation in the activities and cross-cultural researches planned by international organizations of psychologists.


  • The Universities: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi Open Teaching University, Grigol Robakidze University, Tbilisi Teaching University;
  • INHOLLAND UNIVERSITY (The Kingdom of the Netherlands)

- School of Communication &Media (Hague);

  • Birmingham College;
  • Tbilisi Boarding School No.200;
  • 1st Experimental School;
  • Ltd ‘Association for People in Need of Special Care’
  • Ministry of Corrections of Georgia
  • The Central Elections Commission of Georgia;
  • Centre for Electoral Systems Development, Reforms and Training.

Sphere of Occupation

The graduate of the program, Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology, with the knowledge and practical skills gained through the program, as well as with certain level of research experience, can be employed in general and specialized educational institutions, in the system of corrections, banking sector (personnel recruitment and customer service) or in any state or private organizations, those in need of professional psychologists.

The annual fee for the Programs is 2 250 GEL. It can be divided and covered in four stages according to the deadlines set in the contract.

Vocational Program in Movie and TV Operator

The fourth level vocational qualification of Movie and TV Operator.

The aim of the program is to prepare practicing operators with virtu and technical knowledge, who, together with the creative teamwork (director, scriptwriter, reporter, voice director, lighting director), will be able to create complete documentary and fiction films.

On practical classes, the students will obtain compulsory practical skills, master video and photo shooting.

The students have radio and TV studios equipped with modern technology at their disposal, as well as creative lab ‘Reporter’. The students are involved in audio and visual media contests and charity actions. They are delivered masterclasses and public lectures, simulated press conferences and Olympiads.

Academic process is led by outstanding professors and invited operators, scriptwriters and photo artists.

The graduate of the program can be employed as a TV operator and/or as an operator assistant. They can also be employed in film production (fiction, documentary), at information agencies, advertising companies, press centres and video production studios.

Study fee is 2000 GEL.