Legal Clinic of the Law Faculty of Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University is a study-educational structural unit of GTUNI Law Faculty, ensuring the use of the study practice component defined by the syllabus of professional practice in the Bachelor and / or Master Programs of the Law Faculty.

Joint projects prepared by external university participants can be implemented within the Legal Clinic.

The clinic, with the regulation, on the basis of educational programs and relevant syllabuses provided by the Bachelor / Master Programs of Law, provides practical training, which in turn focuses on the ability of the student to have appropriate professional skills in practical activities; the clinic provides the educational programs of the Law Faculty practical component implementation in accordance with the syllabus of practice;

The clinic promotes the development of the theoretical knowledge obtained by the student and the development of knowledge in practice, develop professional skills of the student and test them in the real or / and mock situations of competences (knowledge and skills) acquired in academic environment, examination of student readiness for independent work in modern conditions;

The clinic cooperates with other juridical clinics and interested individuals of other universities.